2016 LA Motor Show

The 2016 LA Motor Show is nearly upon us, which is why we’ve decided to put together a short previewing what to expect from this year’s event. Official event site: laautoshow.com

The automotive industry has long relied on the help of motor shows to spread the word about upcoming releases and new technologies. Most carmakers bring something new to such events, to give their fans a glimpse into the future.

The LA Motor Show has been going for a while now, and is considered one of the largest car shows on the planet. It’s similar to the likes of Geneva, Beijing and Paris, so if you find yourself in LA next month and you are passionate about cars, it’s definitely the place to be.

This year we expect a lot to be revealed during the show. Carmakers such as Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Jaguar and Cadillac are all scheduled to make an appearance.

Cadillac is said to be bringing the Escala, which made its debut earlier this year, whilst the likes Jaguar are also debuting their upcoming cars, such as the new electric SUV.

Thousands of people are set to make their way to the show to experience the glory of some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers.

More cars are likely to be announced as the date approaches, so if you don’t want to miss out you better grab a ticket whilst they last.

Motor shows are a great opportunity for car fanatics to meet likeminded people whilst experiencing what the best in the industry have to offer.

There are many car-themed events all over the world, but none of them quite live up to the scale of shows such as this one, as well as a few other select events such as the Geneva Motor Show.

If you’re a fan of cars you are definitely going to enjoy what the LA motor show has to offer.

Which cars are you most excited to see at this year’s event? Are there any models in particular that stand out to you instantly? Tell us what you think down below and come back soon for all the latest from the automotive world.

2016 LA Motor Show: A Short Guide
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2016 LA Motor Show: A Short Guide
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