Toyota FCV Plus

It has just been announced that the Toyota FCV Plus hydrogen concept will make its European debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Toyota is no stranger to concept cars, having produced a number of them over the years. Whilst most were certainly a sight to be admired, most were rather typical and standard. The FCV Plus is definitely not the latter.

When it comes to hydrogen-powered cars, the area remains uncharted for the most part. We are yet to see them on our roads, even though they are becoming more and more popular.

Alternative powertrains have experienced a rise in popularity in the recent years, with electric cars stealing the top spot. Hydrogen cars, although popular, still haven’t been explored as much as electric vehilces.

Due to recent advancements in technology, hydrogen cars are slowly becoming a reality. With many carmakers experimenting with the trend, it wouldn’t be a surprise if in the near future we saw more hydrogen-fuelled vehilces.

The Toyota FCV Plus is certainly an intriguing sight. It doesn’t resemble a modern car, opting instead to experiment with futuristic styling. It looks incredible, which is why many people will likely enjoy it.

There are no current plans for the FCV Plus to enter production, which is understandable considering the car is meant to showcase the brand’s latest tech. It’s a great way for Toyota however, to show off what it’s capable of and give the public a glimpse of the future.

If hydrogen-fuelled vehicles manage to gain momentum in the near future, then they could potentially outgrow even electric cars, and become the number one source of alternative powertrains.

The future definitely looks bring for alternative powertrains, which is fantastic news. It will be interesting to see how the market grows over the next couple of years.

Perhaps now is the right time to find a car valuation service and sell your old car. Hydrogen-fuelled cars won’t be cheap when they first appear on the market, so you better start saving now.

What do you think of the Toyota FCV Plus? Are you a fan of the car or are you not sold on the idea of hydrogen-fuelled vehilces just yet? Tell us what you think.

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