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Next-generation Audi A6 to get drastic new appearance

Fans of the highly popular Audi A6 will pleased to know that the next generation model is on the way, featuring a bold and drastic new design.

Audi has had a quite successful couple of years. Although, it has always done well on the market, it wasn’t until recently that it experienced a great spike in sales, and new league of carmakers.

The Audi A6 has been very well received from the time it was launched. It proved very popular with customers, and quickly became one of the brand’s best models.

Much hasn’t been revealed about the next-gen A6 yet; however, according to reports it’s going to be completely different from its predecessor. Everything is expected to change, including the powertrain and styling, which could potentially elevate the model to another level.

Expected to debut at some point next year, the vehicle is believed to be going on sale in 2018; however, no information has yet been revealed about its price or the exact specifications.

On top of that, the brand is currently working hard on its new flagship – the Audi A8, which is also currently scheduled to go on sale around the same time the next-generation A6.

Both vehicles are reportedly being designed by Mark Lichte, who is the new design boss over at Audi, so we can probably expect the two to share some elements. Who knows, perhaps Audi is going for a more cohesive look for its current line-up?

The future definitely looks bright for Audi, with numerous vehicles scheduled to go on sale in the near future, and increasing sales and popularity, the brand is going stronger than ever.

Although, we’ll have to wait a while longer to find exactly what Audi has planned for the next-generation A6, we can’t wait to see what the brand has in store for us next.

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