It’s been a while since Google first announced it was developing self-driving technology with an aim of introducing its very own driverless car at some point in the future. The brand remained silent, keeping the new tech under wraps, however recent speculations that it was working with Fiat Chrysler led to the announcement of the new project.

The brand released a statement announcing to the world that it is pairing up with Fiat Chrysler to test its new tech and eventually develop an all-new model.

Although, the announcement itself didn’t come as a surprise, the brand’s vehicle of choice raised some eyebrows.

According to reports, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan will have the pleasure of being the first vehicle to test out Google’s self-driving tech.

A fleet of around 100 Pacifica’s will be modified and fitted with the necessary technology provided by Google. A series of tests will then be conducted to see how well the vehicles do on the road and to find out whether the technology actually works.

This is only a small part of a much bigger plan. The brands are hoping to develop an all-new driverless minivan that could potentially enter production in the next few years.

The brand’s approach is quite interesting. Whereas most brands working on autonomous technologies are focusing on passenger cars, Google and Fiat Chrysler are planning on taking on the minivan market.

Self-driving cars are still years from making it to the roads, however the various tests and trials that are currently underway are making a great impact whilst ensuring that once self-driving cars go on sale, they’ll be as safe as possible.

By targeting the public transport sector instead of passenger cars, Google and Fiat Chrysler are establishing themselves as leaders of this uncharted territory.

Whatever the outcome, we’re very much excited for this intriguing collaboration. Only time will tell how well it will work out, however the next couple of years definitely look quite exciting for fans of driverless vehicles as well as those developing them.

Are you a fan of self-driving vehicles? What do you think about Google and Fiat Chrysler’s unusual approach? Tell us your thoughts and come back soon for more fun and exciting articles about cars.

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