China-only DS 4S

The highly-anticipated 2016 Beijing Motor Show is currently in session, with thousands of enthusiasts from around the world travelling to the country to see what the biggest carmakers have in store for us next. Numerous vehicles have already been revealed this year, with one in particular capturing people’s attention. The all-new DS 4S will only be available in China, making it yet another DS model available in the brand’s Chinese range.

DS is a fairly new brand, having only become a standalone brand in 2014. Founded by PSA Peugeot Citroen in 2009 as a premium sub-brand, DS quickly became popular with customers leading to the decision to make it its own brand.

In 2015, DS managed to sell around 76,500 vehicles making it moderately successful.

The new DS 4S will join the DS 5, DS 5LS as well as the DS 6 in the brands Chinese range.

Available with a choice of three different engines, the vehicle mark the 1.2-litre Puretech 130’s debut in the country. It’s currently used on numerous UK cars so it will be interesting to see how popular it becomes in China.

The vehicle itself looks quite appealing. Although it’s not extremely innovative, it’s rather sleek and elegant, which always appeals to people.

According to reports the DS 4S is slightly longer compared to the DS 4, which is currently available in the UK. This was done to make the car more appealing to Chinese buyers, who prefer vehicles that are longer.

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It’s impossible to tell how well the vehicle will do once it goes on sale in China as only time will tell us that. How much the vehicle will cost or when exactly it will go on sale remains a mystery for now, however as soon as we have more details, we will let you all know.

The DS 4S is will not be sold in the UK as it is exclusive to the Chinese market.

How do you feel about the all-new DS 4S? Are you a fan of the brand or are you not completely sold on its vehicles? Tell us what you think.

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