There’s something quite special about the cars from the 1950’s. Most are considered classics today and remain favourites among car enthusiasts and collectors. Many believe that vehicles back then were much more unique and had a little more character compared to the cars of today. Concept cars from that era were even more unusual, with numerous manufactures taking the “futuristic” approach.

The car that we are going to take a look at today is in fact a concept car. Revealed in 1956, the Oldsmobile Golden Rocket was a show car that appeared at numerous shows throughout the late 1950’s.

Due to the fact that the Golden Rocket was never meant for production, as it was merely a way for the brand to experiment with some unusual ideas, the car received extremely unique styling that reflected its futuristic nature.

The car was inspired by themes of space exploration and aviation. Whilst it wasn’t the first vehicle to incorporate such themes in its design, it was perhaps the most fascinating.

A futuristic aesthetic could definitely be seen throughout the car, with its rocket-like shape standing out the most. To access the vehicle a pair of gull-wing-like doors were included. In a similar fashion to the standard gull-wing doors, the roof panel rose automatically at the press of a button.

Inside, a leather finish was present with an aircraft cockpit-inspired centre console.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the car’s powertrain or any other specs, apart from the fact that the car included a 324-cubic inch Rocket V8 engine capable of reaching 275hp.

The fate of the Golden Rocket is currently unknown as its whereabouts can’t be located. It’s likely the vehicle was destroyed at some point in time, as General Motors was known at the time for destroying its show cars once they have served their purpose. No official documents however, have ever been found that suggest the vehicle was destroyed, meaning it’s possible the car has survived.

We’re probably never going to find out what happened to the vehicle however at least we have the pictures to remember it by.

If it was revealed that the Golden Rocket survived would you consider purchasing it if you had the money? It’s a piece of history that anyone would be lucky to own. Don’t go selling your car however, in hopes of the Golden Rocket getting rediscovered. It’s definitely one of those vehicles that will make you go “I want to sell my car and buy that car.” if so you can sell your car to Trusted Car Buyers or any other online car buyers.

The Golden Rocket was first revealed in 1956, which means that it’s celebrating its 60th birthday this year. It was a fantastic car that we greatly admire.

  • tony_patt

    It would be cool if someone decided to make a functioning replica, like Marty Martino’s Pontiac Club de Mer or Andy Sauders’ Ford X-2000.

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