So you’ve decided it’s to sell your car, but tired of the traditional methods, or simply wondering what other options are out there? We don’t blame you.

Selling a vehicle online leads you to a lot more options than you might realise. In particular, a growing trend is online car buying services, alongside some more long-standing methods like AutoTrader, Gumtree and eBay.

With plenty more options than you might think, you may be asking yourself: ‘Which is actually the best way to sell my car online?’

To be brutally honest, there is no right or wrong way, only different solutions for different purposes.

The most common form of selling a vehicle online in the UK, is through AutoTrader’s online platform. AutoTrader is particularly good if you want a private sale, as you may get a little more for your vehicle, as there is more bargaining power.

However, the drawback is the time-factor and the amount of time-wasters and punters you may encounter.

In a similar vein, eBay Motors is a great place to list your car. It may attract bids in excess of your reserve price, which is a win-win for you. Or, you may list it at a ‘buy it now’ price.

Although, obviously eBay take a cut. It’s worth checking out the eBay Motors fees before listing your vehicle for sale.

And more recently, Gumtree, is becoming a fighting force online. One blog post claims it can help your sell you car in less than four hours online.

Read it here:

Finally, online car buyers, which are growing in popularity around the world, offer you a quick sale and the promise of cash the same day, should you need it.

So, really, where you can sell your car online really boils down to your preferences in terms of time and desired sale value.

Any more options to add? Like to share your experiences of these methods of selling? Do let us know in the comments below.

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