Most consumers spend a lot of their monthly income on vehicle payments, insurance, upkeep and parking. This is hard to avoid as most people need this form of transportation to get to and from work or school. However, this does not mean that an individual has to run out and buy an expensive car from the dealer. Instead, when looking for a cost-effective transportation solution, a buyer should look for a used car. Here are six reasons why a person should buy a pre-owned vehicle.

Cost: Obviously, an old automobile is not as expensive as a new model. However, with advances in technology and designs, a used car will still perform at a high level. In fact, many drivers have a 10-year-old car and still go to and from work every day in comfort and style. With a new payment pushing $400 a month in most cases, a consumer who wants to have no payment, or a smaller payment, must consider looking at a used vehicle. Since older ones still have adequate safety features and plenty of luxuries, a buyer will not miss out on anything when looking at pre-owned options

Insurance: With an older automobile, a consumer will pay lower insurance rates. Since the companies quote policies based on the value and age, one will win out with this option. While a brand new model will cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year, to insure, a person will do well with an older version. Furthermore, once a person pays off the loan, they can obtain even lower insurance rates as a driver will not need full coverage if the vehicle is not worth a lot of money.

Less worry: When driving an older model, a person will not worry about small dings, dents or even accidents. This is a serious benefit to a person living in a large city. In fact, anyone living in New York or Los Angeles knows all too well that a new car is, seemingly, a target for every bus driver, bike rider and pedestrian. Without a doubt, when looking for as stress-free drive, one should opt for a used car.

Pay cash: In a bid to gain financial independence, some opt to pay cash for their goods and services. This extends to vehicles. When buying with cash or check, a person will avoid finance charges and can save money for more important things like a retirement or down payment on a house.

Just as good: When driving a brand new car, the fun will wear off quickly. The reason for this is simple; an older model will perform just as well as a new one and most people will not notice a difference while on the city streets or freeway.

Theft: When parking an old car on the streets, a driver will not fear that someone will steal or break into his or her car. This is a great advantage when a person lives in a high crime area. Remember, a new vehicle is a magnet for thieves and one way to avoid this problem is to buy an older model with worn paint that still runs decently.

With these six reasons, a consumer can without any regret, run out and buy a used car. Remember, there are multiple, financial or otherwise, advantages to owning an older model.


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