The Beatles Love Me Do 1962

On 5 October, 1962, The Beatles released ‘Love Me Do’, whilst at the same time, Volkswagen’s namesake – the VW Beetle – was enjoying a love-in all of its own.

Get into the true swing of it with The Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ video

In the 1960s, you couldn’t miss the VW Beetle from the UK’s streets – not just because of their popularity, but because of their distinctive shape.

Volkswagen Beetle 1962

The Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ was released on this day

You might not know this, but the Volkswagen Beetle was officially known as the Volkswagen Type 1 (and informally as the Volskwagen Bug).

The shape of the Beetle resembles a wave in many ways – as if the crest crashes down as if on the seabed at the back of the vehicle.

Though despite its instantly recognisable curved shape, the Beetle today has been thoroughly regenerated.

Volkswagen Beetle Regenerated

Say hello to the better, faster and stronger son – the VW Beetle R, which is one mean bug, seen here dominating the legendary Nurburgring track.

I’d certainly expect that it’s become a lot safer to drive than this old VW Beetle and Golf Crash Test reveals.

  • John Day

    I remember I had a beetle in the 60s – absolutely loved it! ‘Love me do’ ain’t too bad either 😉

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