British Racing Motors F1 car

File:BritishRacingMotorsLogo.pngOn your marks. Get set. Go! The British Racing Motors celebrates its 51st anniversary today, after a raucus silver anniversary last year which saw a Monaco-style race cruise through Bourne.

On 7 October, last year, the Lincolnshire town welcomed to the BRM team and an array of World Formula One-type cars.

This year, Cars On This Day celebrates the British Formula One motor racing team’s 51st anniversary in a much more subdued fashion.

British Racing Motors beginnings

British Racing Motors F1 car
We are taking a look at the team’s proud history and humble beginnings – then show you more of what you came to see (the cars). The F1 team was founded in 1945 and participated from 1950 to 1977.

Of the 197 grand prix the BRM competed in, they won 17. In 1962, they won the constructor’s title. And more recently, they wone the BBC Sports Personality Team of the Year Award.
Fast-forward to the event last year, and you can clearly see the impact the team have had on British racing. Stars like Damon Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart even rolled into town.

For those of you not aware, Damon Hill is a retired British racing driver. He is the son of world champion, Graham Hill – so race driving runs thick through in the family.

Sir Jackie Stewart is a former Formula One racing driver, hailing from Scotland. Competing between 1965 and 1973, he won three World Drivers’ Championships, and earned the nickname, the ‘Flying Scot’.

See Damon Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart at the BRM anniversary 2012

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    Looks like great fun. would love to have seen the legend damon hill

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