2016 LA Motor Show: A Short Guide

The 2016 LA Motor Show is nearly upon us, which is why we’ve decided to put together a short previewing what to expect from this year’s event. Official event site: laautoshow.com The More »

Classic Mini Cooper found after being lost in garage for 36 years

A classic Mini Cooper made headlines on 24 October 2012 after being hidden away in a suburban garage for close to four-decades. The old Cooper was bought in 1966 new, then tucked away More »

20 October, 1991: Ferrari sack Prost

On this day, 20 October 1991, F1 Legend Alain Prost finished fourth in the Japanese Grand Prix, bringing to an end the Frenchman’s tenure at Ferrari. Nine days after this race, he More »

8 October, 1904: First Vanderbilt Cup US Races

The first Vanderbilt Cup was staged in New York City on this day. On Saturday, 8 October, 1904, the city hosted a series of races for the first major trophy in American More »

7 October, 2012: British Racing Motors anniversary

On your marks. Get set. Go! The British Racing Motors celebrates its 51st anniversary today, after a raucus silver anniversary last year which saw a Monaco-style race cruise through Bourne. On 7 More »


Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder-Upcoming 2018

Porsche 718

New Porsche 718

A replacement for the Porsche 718 is coming next year, and this is expected to include increased output from the V6 engine.

The New Porsche 718 has been spotted, and photos have emerged of the car undergoing development and testing ahead of its release for next year. This is most likely to be the most powerful Boxster ever made. The testing vehicle isn’t disguised very well, with the rear tail of the car having Porche written a long it. Also, the canvas roof marking it out as the flagship spyder. More exciting features is the larger alloy wheels, stronger brakes and a twin centrally mounted exhaust. This all hints and corresponds to increased performance. The Boxster Spyder has been the most compelling model in the lineup. This will also continue with the new version

Even though the standard edition 718 Boxster range being powered entirely by a V4 turbocharged engine, the Spyder is expected to make use of the 4-litre V6 unit. Which will be shared with the upcoming Cayman GT4. The last Spyder was powered by a 370bhp 3.8 litre flat six. This was lifted from a 911 Carrera. However, to keep the Porsche 718 engine naturally aspirated it will be forced to turn to its GT division. There is no word on power for the new Porsche 718. Although, the 4 litre flat six is currently rate at 493bhp in the 911 GT3. This figure is expected to reduce to make sure the Porsche 718 fits within the model hierarchy. Also, it is likely that the model will be offered exclusively with a six sped manual gearbox.

More changes to the Porsche 718 will include a stripped back cabin to help shed weight. Additionally, more performance-based tyres will be featured. The Porsche 718 will be produced with limited numbers to maintain preserver exclusivity as expected. Looking to sell your Porche enter your reg at www.trustedcarbuyers.com for a great deal today.

Porsche 718

Images for the New 2018 Peugeot 308 Facelift Leaked

2018 peugeot 308

The images of the new 2018 Peugeot 308 facelift leaked on an online forum promising minute changes

Peugeot has been developing its new design for some time now, and through some online images which were leaked on Peugeot Forum, car enthusiasts got their first look at the upcoming model 2018 Peugeot 308 facelift.

SsangYong XAVL at Geneva motorshow 2017

SsangYong XAVL is ideal for those who wish to combine the elements of greater convenience and practicality when it comes to choosing a vehicle. It was presented at 2017 Geneva Motor Show and is expected to hit the markets within a few years. It can fit in seven passengers with still enough room remaining to move around.

Which is the Best Car Valuation Site?

car valuation

There are hundreds of car valuation sites out there. Although some are more accurate than others, they all claim be trustworthy and precise. As great as that would be, this isn’t the case. Finding a car valuation tool that actually works can be a real struggle, especially if you don’t know where to start. What’s also important to remember is that such tools should only be used as a guide. You can get an accurate valuation unless you bring your car in to be inspected by a professional.

Why Do You Need to Avail Reliable Volkswagen Services?

Buying a Volkswagen car can be a big investment. You don’t have to be bothered about your hard-earned money anymore. The tuning service is worth of your money as you are getting the opportunity to customize your car.

2016 LA Motor Show: A Short Guide

2016 LA Motor Show

The 2016 LA Motor Show is nearly upon us, which is why we’ve decided to put together a short previewing what to expect from this year’s event. Official event site: laautoshow.com

The automotive industry has long relied on the help of motor shows to spread the word about upcoming releases and new technologies. Most carmakers bring something new to such events, to give their fans a glimpse into the future.

Toyota FCV Plus

It has just been announced that the Toyota FCV Plus hydrogen concept will make its European debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Next-generation Mazda MX-5

Next-generation Mazda MX-5

Next-generation Mazda MX-5 to be the most efficient yet

If you’re a fan of Mazda, you’re going to be excited to learn that the upcoming next-generation Mazda MX-5 is said to be the most efficient yet; however, there’s a catch – it’s not expected to go on sale until 2021.

Mazda is world-renowned for its incredibly powerful vehicles that tend to offer great performance without sacrificing any other important features, such as appearance. The brand knows what it’s doing, having produced a great number of unique cars over the years, so it’s always exciting to hear what it has in store for us next.

Although, the Mazda MX-5 still has a few years to go, before it’s replaced, the brand has teased us about what we can expect form the next-generation of the highly popular model.

Even though the size of the MX-5 has decreased over the years, as the vehicle got smaller and more efficient, the brand revealed that it’s fairly certain, the car won’t get any smaller; however, it is going to become much lighter.

Due, to the decreasing costs of lightweight materials, carmakers are now able to make their vehicles lighter and more efficient, which is always great as it improves performance and offers a much more pleasant driving experience.

Much hasn’t been revealed about the next-gen MX-5, but it’s reportedly scheduled to go on sale at some point in 2021. This gives Mazda a few years to make it as good as possible, and improve on many different things, to make the next-generation MX-5, the best to date.

Luxury sports cars are becoming more popular again, which many manufacturers are using to their advantage. By filling the gaps in the market, Mazda could soon experience great success, if it’s able to achieve what it has set out to do.

Whether, the next Mazda MX-5 will truly be as efficient as the brand promises, remains to be seen; however, we can definitely expect it to be a solid vehicle, as most Mazda cars are.

Are you excited for the upcoming next-generation Mazda MX-5? What do you think the brand will introduce next? Let us know what you think, and be sure to return shortly for more car-related articles from Cars On This Day.

Next-generation Audi A6

Audi A6

Next-generation Audi A6 to get drastic new appearance

Fans of the highly popular Audi A6 will pleased to know that the next generation model is on the way, featuring a bold and drastic new design.

Car finance for used vehicle

Car finance

Can I get car finance to buy used vehicle?

Although, new car registrations are reaching all-time highs in the UK, many are still opting to purchase used vehicles. It’s understandable, as they’re much cheaper, and can often be more reliable than some newer models. Due to the fact, that used cars are slightly cheaper, compared to new vehicles, many are not aware that they can still get car finance.